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Thread: Happy Holidays to all of you!!

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    Default Happy Holidays to all of you!!

    It finally started snowing here a little while ago, just picking up now at almost 3 PM.
    Yesterday, Chloe was diagnosed with H1NI, my other two are negative and we all started the Tamiflu just not Chloe. Then, my girl dog ripped into her paw on the side of her foot and bleeding - just one of those crazy days. Chloe just has a fever off and on and it's like a tv marathon plus WII games. Oh, the life of three almost 8 year olds.

    Leaving for Florida on Thursday and hopefully, we'll all be well and in one piece.

    Enjoy the holidays and stay well!!

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    Happy Holidays Mindy!

    Poor Chloe. I hope she's feeling better. It was wise to start them all on meds. Better to be safe than sorry!

    Where are you going in Florida? I wish I were going with you. I hate the cold more and more each year. I'm hoping to get a trip in to Daytona Beach in Feb. We'll see.

    Enjoy your Holiday and may the New Year bring you much happiness!

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    Thanks! Happy Holidays and enjoy your trip. I hope everyone is feeling better soon.

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