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    Default progesterone level slope

    Hello doctor

    Please could you explain how does the progesterone level drop after 7 dpo in an unmedicated cycle when say the 7dpo P4 reading is around 11. On 9dpo, and 11dpo how much would you expect the p4 to be in case of conception and in case of conception? How does the p4 drop look like on a graph on these days...if you have any material/picture of this I will be very grateful.

    I am trying to figure out if my p4 level though at 11 on 7dpo drops too quickly after 7dpo. I am concerned coz at about 9dpo I do have some cramps and backache but periods/or any spotting comes only on 13dpo. So I am not sure if I have some kind of luteal insufficiency and am thinking maybe serial measurements of p4 done at 9dpo and 11dpo in addition to 7dpo will be able to find something. Currently the only measurement taken is on 7dpo. Cant figure out why I have these cramps at 9dpo when the period comesonly on 13dpo?

    Thanks in advance for any insight

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    Prog levels are not all that helpful since they rise and fall throughout the day. Most clinics simply pick a prog supplementation protocol and stick with it. Uterine levels of prog are not reflected in serum levels in patients using vaginal prog.

    Good luck


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