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Thread: Yay! I got Ansley in for an OT eval....

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    Christine S Guest

    Default Yay! I got Ansley in for an OT eval....

    Next week. We're hoping to get this done before this OT goes on maternity leave this summer. Then we will proceed with whatever OT needed in the fall.

    I also got the name/number of a ST for another speech eval.

    I love getting good referrals like this!


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    Question How did you get the OT eval???

    Is this through insurance or private?

    I have asked both our ped. and dev. ped. about OT for dd and haven't gotten anywhere. Schools also don't provide OT. She is getting some social skills training at school but that's it, plus the approved private therapist/counselor every two weeks or so.

    Morgan (10) ASD/ADHD

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    Christine S Guest

    Default Hopefully through insurance!

    Though I'm not sure if she is covered yet. It was really the least of my concerns. She was recommended by a friend and I really liked what I heard about her. We have a severe shortage of GOOD OT's around here so I'm going to snag her while I can. I honestly dont' think ANsley will need much extensive therapy. We really just need the thorough eval so we know ALL issues and then some help in how to address those issues. We already know much of the standard OT work from T anyhow.

    Our other OT is covered under our insurance (if we can just get the insurance to PAY that's another thing). HAve you checked your ins plan to see if there is ANY coverage there?

    Totally understand your frustration. That's where I've been with Ansley's ST as well. She might have qualified for ST services after age 3, but she would have had to go to their SN preschool to receive services and we ALL agreed it would not be a good move for our selectively mute/emotionally insecure little one.

    Kind makes you want to.... a few more times. No child left behind my @ss.


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