my name is Ashley
small history
i have had 7 misscarrages all before 5-6 weeks
never was given dnc
never had nausea
i have PCOS
I'm overweight was 325 (current 280)
i have a bicorniut uterus

whats happening know
I am currently 10 weeks pregnant i have been on ft bedrest sense 6 weeks i have hyperemeisis and some cramping (doctors belive is consitpation and gas) my hyperemsis is a major problem i was throwing up 6-10 times a day and my nasuea is so sever i cannot lift my head or stand up with out becoming sick or feeling faint. i have been to the labor and delivery triage unit every week sense 6 weeks needing fluids and iv was suggested that i see about getting info about home health for iv fluids and zofran. i have been through so much nasuea and vomiting that i am desprate i have not been able to take care of my kids sense 5-6 weeks becuse of the hyperemeisis.. my husbend has to stay home and take care of the kids and me ( to help me drink water and try to eat) i have become weak in the past that my husbend had to help me beg me to drink.(ended up at hosptiol) during this time they began giving 2 different meds a day Zofran and Promethizine. recently adding make it 3 pills a day. i asked the doctor and told her about my problems and she sent my to labor and delivery triage want me put on a pic line with iv fluids and zofran wanting me to feeling better. i got to the triage unit and they comfortable for the time being.. and the doctor comes in and decides that the pic line is to big of a risk!! i am mentally exhausted physically weaker and i look sick! she tells me im fine and sends me home..know im on 3 nasuea meds and i literely sleep 24 hours or i am extremely moody.. i just dont understand and i am curios if she really made the right choice or should i try to get a second opinion. im to go see another specialist about my uterus to see if they are going to want to put me on something as a precaution from going in to pre labor cuz of my history or what there going to do about the other problems.. what usually the precautions they take for someone in my situation? sorry if this is a book but i want a idea on were i stand a warning on what the possibilities are if anyone with any expirence can answer i would be very great full im extremely scared for me and my baby and i just want to get him or her to a good gestation age what ever that may be.

thank you again to everyone..