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Thread: Does any have experience with a Written Education Plan

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    Default Does any have experience with a Written Education Plan

    which is an education plan similar to an IEP but is suppose to address areas/issues of high academic ability (giftedness)? My DS (8.5 3rd grade is twice exceptional (ADHD/anxiety and most likely PDD-NOS and an overall score in the very superior range) and we were able to get him an IEP and now it's time to address his strengths. Our district doesn't have a formal gifted program rather it uses "interventions" to address accomodations.

    Having a strength based education plan has always been my first priority but I felt it was best to get the IEP in place while I could. The school is open to working with me but I have to be the lead in the process. All of the formal meetings that we have had to date have focused on his IEP needs and I am finding it hard to get started on the other. Partially due to the struggles I see him dealing with on a daily basis due to his lack of organization and school associated anxieties (I forgot my spelling words at school so I am going to get a big 0 on this assignment and then I'll have to stay in third grade and the teacher will be mad at me and this is all your fault and no one likes me because they think I'm weird.....). I just don't know as he sees an intervention specialist daily, ST 1x week, OT 1x week and currently goes to 4th grade reading and an accelerated math class 1x. I don't know if it will be too much more of a load or if it will help keep his attention and help him be more engaged.

    Not sure where to start in putting it down on paper but I know I need to. Sigh.

    Thanks for reading this, it's helped to write it.

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    i have no clue but i am glad to hear that he is doing well enough to consider this!
    His dx sounds very similar to my dd, age 6 though....adhd, anxiety, possibly gifted...but not in math.

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