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Thread: Looking for help for friend in RI

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    Default Looking for help for friend in RI

    Hi all,

    I am hoping you wise women can give me some advice for a friend in Rhode Island. She is the single parent of a five year old son with sensory-seeking SID and social delays. He was also born drug-exposed (he's adopted), which has contributed to his issues. He's always had problems with aggression, and, lately, is just pushing all of his mom's buttons by constantly hitting her. To make things more difficult, she's pretty sure that she has SID also, and it is really hard for her to cope. He's a typically-developing peer in a SN school, and has been getting help with his social issues there, and has been in and out of OT.

    I spent a long time talking to her tonight and we think it's a combination of his sensory-seeking issues and behavioral issues. Here's the question: do you know of any resources in Rhode Island (it's a small place, so most anywhere near Providence/Cranston are accesible) for her to turn to? Her son's OTs don't deal with adults (to help my friend figure out how to cope with her side of the issues) and she doesn't know any behavioral therapists who understand the OT side. Any ideas are most appreciated.



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    Default Sorry, I don't know of anyone in that area

    but wanted to give my HUGS! I know she's having a rough time!

    The only kind of type of suggestion I have for her immediately is to try some sensory diet things at home to see if they help (I don't have SID but I was walking around with weight around my shoulders the other night because I was feeling sensory and it really helped!). If she treats some of her sensory issues it will help her deal with her ds. I have even brushed myself when things got really rough, lol!

    But other than that, I would suggest that she start having him carry some heavier items (gallon of milk for example), jumping, crab walks, pushing on the wall with his hands or feet (she can get a list of sensory diet activities from the internet) and see what seems to help.

    Maybe she's already done all that but I do feel for her so I wanted to try to help!


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    Actually, for a full eval, I would take her ds to either Children's or MassGeneral in Boston- they both have great developmental programs, and she could get a sense of what the needs and services will be. Hasbro Children's in Providence may also have some programs, but I'm not as familar with it. There is a nice organization south of Providence called
    It's a group of Moms of children with special needs, but they also sell much of the sensory equipment and have support meetings for families. It may be about 45 minutes from her, I'm not sure. Best of luck to your friend,

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