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Thread: MA- How's Nicholas doing?

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    Default Hang in there......

    I know you must be exhausted as well as worried sick. Please know prayers are continuing for sweet Nicholas. It does sound like he might be doing a little better if he's keeping some things down. I would be so like you...hitting redial on the phone til it wears out! Glad Rob and you are on the same page about watching every little tiny change.
    I had to giggle about Nicholas wanting his Starbucks! Go figure!
    Thanks so much for updating us.

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    Default Hugs to you and Nicholas

    Oh my, you have so very much going on....I hope and pray that your poor sweet boy feels better soon.
    Thinking of you,

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    sugarsue is offline INCIIDer - A Community Creator
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    Default Hugs

    I wish I could help, I wish I was not just reading about what is going on but that I could take some action. I searched the internet tonight looking for something I could send to you that would help but I know you are already doing that anyway.

    More healing energy coming your way...


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    Ihostmom2mitchandnick Guest

    Default Quick update (still birth ment)

    Picked Nicholas up....didnt look good....he needed to pooh....I got a denture cup and caught it...examined......knew it was C-diff starting all over again because we are off the meds to make him eat.
    Called ped....ped called in Vancomyacin 20 minutes before pharmacy 1/2 dose in him before he projectile vomited it all over me......started over.....cleaned him up.....ate my dinner....and now am setting my alarm to wake up in 6 hours for the next dose. I thought the setting of the alarm days were over......the pharmacist says he must be woke up in the night for a dose every 6 hours. I am gonna lose it....his dad is crying......Doug is sleeping in the chair.....Mitchell is waiting for the computer....and I am going to scoop up Nicholas and hold him and stare at him for the rest of the night.
    I hope and pray we have no complications from this is a big gun....
    Please pray hard, hard, hard....
    Big hugs,
    Mary Ann....All of this on the eve of Mitchell's little brothers birthday who was born full term but still on May 23rd, 14 years ago.............

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    Ihostmom2mitchandnick Guest

    Default Mary Ann and Nicholas

    I always sign off.....
    Big hugs,
    Mary Ann and Nicholas

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    Default Oh gosh, MaryAnn.....big prayers! (loss ment)

    darn it all....was hoping for better news. I will continue to pray for Nicholas, as always, and hope he and you get some relief soon. Let's hope the meds kick in quickly. You all need a rest! And yes, I was going to post to you tomorrow about Blake's sorry for your sweet boy in Heaven. Perhaps he'll be sending special blessings down to Nicholas on his birthday.
    HUGS and much strength to you,
    Joy & Lukas

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    Gidget2 Guest

    Default so, so sorry (m)

    MA- Hang in there. I am so, so sorry that you are going through all this. Your neighbor sounds like a real piece of work. Just what you need right now! I am saying many, many prayers for you and Nicholas.


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    Default Hi Mary Ann

    (((Hugs))) You and your entire family will be in my prayers again tonite/today.

    Please give Doug a break - I think he's feeling pretty scared and helpless right now, watching you and Nicholas suffer both physically and mentally. I know you can't leave Nicholas right now, but you might want to give Doug permission to take a break from it all and take Mitchell camping or something. I know it would probably do them some good to get some fresh air. You and Nicholas *will* be able to go camping some day, but in the mean time, it's going to have to be sleeping in tents in your living room and roasting marshmallows in your fire place.

    Here's hoping that the little guy gains some strength to fight off this lastest round of illness, and is on the mend ASAP.


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    JennyH Guest

    Default (((MaryAnn & Nicholas)))...

    Sending you many prayers and hugs for Nicholas...


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    Ihostmom2mitchandnick Guest

    Default Quick update

    Nicholas "seems" to be feeling a little better today. He gets going pretty good...and then lays down to rest for awhile. He has had 3 doses of the new med so I hope that he is tolerating it well.
    He is soooooo skinny. His little leg bones, shoulders and spine and ribs are all just sticking out.
    Mitchell is spending the weekend in is the NAIA world series of college baseball....he hasnt missed a year.
    Doug and I decided that we are going camping....just somewhere close. We will not go very that we are just a few miles from a phone where we can call in and update Rob. Also....we can just leave the camper there and hop in the truck and zoom to town if he gets sick. This is all if (when) Nicholas is doing great by Friday.
    I apologized last night to Doug for being so upset all of the time.
    I know it is very hard to live like this.....but I had no idea it would be like this. I thought I held it together pretty good last night....getting everyone their dinner, getting the laundry done, running to town to get Nicholas on his meds and then coming home to clean up the mess. I was a little disapointed that knowone jumped in to help with any of that.....and said it would be nice if just once....someone...anyone could help me out just a touch so that I could feel like a wife instead of a maid. went in one ear and out the other. I just have to much on my plate right now.....I just pray, so hard, that Nicholas feel better real soon, and that we find the underlying problems that starts it all and that it wont be bad.
    Thank you for the prayers.....You guys are the best...
    Big hugs,
    Mary Ann and Nicholas

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