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    I was in a NIVF cycle and I was told to take ibuprofen 600mg 3 times a day to prevent ovulation.I did not need to take any trigger.

    My estradiol was 306, LH 7.93 FSH 4.64 Prog 0.306 on CD11 but after taking ibuprofen estradiol was 102, LH 13,FSH 11.6 Prog 0.905 on CD12.I had a peak on my fertility monitor on CD12.My follicles reduced in size from 17.7,13.5 to 16,12(CD12). My endometrial thickness dropped from 12 to 8.6(CD12). My endometrial grade dropped from c to b. The next day at CD13 I went for ER.I retrieved 2 eggs. Both fertilized. One grew to 2 cell and was frozen on day. The other did not grow and was discarded.

    Do you think that the ibuprofen was too high a dosage for me? Do you think E2 dropped too much and also the endometrial thickness? Do you think this could have affected the quality of the egg? What else could have been done. Should estrogen be taken if one has low estrogen?What would you recommend next time? What do you do for trigger?

    Also I was found to have a polyp or adenomyosis(have history of both).I have to do hysteroscopy next cycle. Do you think it is okay to do egg transfer in the same cycle as hysteroscopy? Hysteroscopy will be done CD1-CD5.Would I have healed enough for ET?

    Sorry so many questions.

    Thank you very much!

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    I would not do HSC in same cycle as IVF. I have no experience in the type of cycle you describe...we use HCG trigger in all our NC IVF and have never used the ibuprofen that you describe...

    Good luck

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