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Thread: Intuniv vs. Guanfacine

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    Default Intuniv vs. Guanfacine

    does anyone know how mg to mg intuniv compares to guanfacine? I heard it is not the same.
    We have both prescriptions here...but ella has not yet wanted to try swallowing the whole pill of intuniv so we are still doing guanfacine every 4 hours or so.

    The doc is out for the weekend and somehow he forgot to tell us anything but give 1mg of intuniv......but she is now on 3.25 mg guanfacine.

    Thanks if you can help!

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    Its not the same drug. One is short acting and the other is a 24 hour med. I don't think they can compare. I know Jacob wasn't able to take guanfacine because of side effects but is doing great on 2 mg of Intuniv. what if you wrap it in a piece of cheese or put it in a spoonful of peanut butter or pudding.

    I would guess she would start at 1 mg of Intuniv. That is where we started.


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    call pharmacy if you did not figure it out.

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