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Thread: What to expect at 7 year old checkup?

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    Default What to expect at 7 year old checkup?

    My son will be 7 next month. I can hardly believe it!!!

    I'm wondering what to expect at his 7 year check up? It's amazing but we have never seen a ped except for well check ups and when he went to the emergency room for stitches when he fell off the playscape at preschool.

    In the blink of an eye my baby is gone and replacing that sweet loving little boy is a defiant little boy. As hard as the first few years were for us (his sister is 14 months younger) I have a feeling these next 7 years will be challenging in an entirely different way.


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    At my son's well visit at age 7, they didn't do much other than measure, weigh, took his BP, and just chatted with him about how he's doing in school, does he have friends, etc. I had timed the visit with needing to have a form filled out for summer camp, so they took care of that as well. It was quick and painless (no shots).

    After age 5, my ped practice only wants to see kids for well visits every 2 years, so he's not due to go back until next year when he'll be 9. Of course, we're welcome to visit if we have any concerns, etc.

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    Default Pretty basic...

    my ds (7) and dd (5) had their appointments together. she had to do vision and pee in a cup... but he didn't need those for age 7. The doctor mostly just talked to them about nutrition, good touch/private parts, exercise, sleep and poop... and then checked out the spine, the tummy, the ears, the nose, the throat, the privates and sent us on our way.

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    we did height, weight, bp, hearing test, vision test, ears, nose, throat, then looks at body parts from head to toes and then lastly spine... pedi discovered moderate scoliosis in two of our guys this year... we see the pedi-ortho on Mar 2 to discuss plan of action...

    best wishes,

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