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    Default Reese14

    How is it going...been wondering if you have gotten anywhere with the school.

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    Default Thank you Joy

    Thank you for thinking of me and for your support. You'll never know how much it means.

    I requested a meeting, with several individuals, so it is scheduled for next week (our school is off this whole week.)

    I'm moving out of the "being upset" phase and into the "really angry" phase. Which is good, because I will now stand back up to continue my fight.

    I just got off of the phone with an advocate in my area, she was a wealth of information and basically told me from what she can tell, I shouldn't waste my money hiring a lawyer because it is all in black and white and it would be a waste of money. She said I can go right to mediation because they are clearly wrong.

    She told me a lot of stuff they didn't comply with, but most importantly told me that the differential score on the IQ test likely indicates a non verbal learning disability. The more I think back to all the quirkly little things even when he was a baby, the more this makes sense. His auditory processing and speech/language skills have been compensating for his lack of visual processing. I vividly recall the OT EI therapist telling me she had never heard a child hold the conversations he would hold with her at one year of age and so many other things that he did really well verbally. But couldn't do any basic tasks.

    I remember being in shock when he was around 15 months old and we were at a store and he said "look mommy, two babies, two babies" when he saw twins. But yet he could never do a simple wood puzzle. This never made sense to me.

    It is all starting to make sense. I have to keep trying to figure this out, but more importantly I need to get the school to start helping him and supporting him. They knew darn well when they did the IQ test there was a huge span between the verbal and visual and chose to ignore it. And I'm furious, because this kid is having one helluva rotten year and it is because they are negligent.

    Thanks for thinking of me. I need to prepare for that meeting and get my facts and thoughts in a row for it. Not easy to do when my kids are off this week but I'll do the very best I can.

    I'll keep you posted.

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    barging-so glad you are making progress you are inspiring and such a good advocate for your child.

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    I agree. You are inspiring. Good for you for doing this. You are a great mom.

    This is one lucky kid to have you in his corner!

    And, i have a feeling that school better "straighten up."


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    just wanted to say big hugs.

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    Default You Go Girl!

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    Default Go Reese! So happy you have a great advocate to advise you and point you

    in the right direction.

    Let us know how it goes!! hugs! N

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