I had one live birth when I was 17. I then had a miscarriage at nearly 4 months due to an acute kidney infection; I had severe bleeding and required a D&C. Ever since, I have had a history of early pregnancy loss, then 7 years ago I had a tubal pregnancy. When I had surgery to remove the tube they discovered that I had severe adhesions and scarring to the outside of my womb, bowel and remaining fallopian tube. This would explain my bowel and pelvic pain that I'd been suffering from. I had a HSG which showed that the remaining tube was clear. I have not been able to fall pregnant again until now -

My last period was Dec 22nd. On 25th January, due to niggling pain and a strong positive pg test. I had an ultrasound where they found a small mass(yolk sac) in my tube by my ovary. My HCG was above 3000. I was advised to have a chemo shot (80mg) because they said my last laparotomy for my ectopic was very challenging and it would be a risk. After the shot I felt very unwell from the side-effects and declined a second shot 10 days later because HCG was falling even though slowly. A few days later,I had early labour cramps and lossed tissue that resembled placenta. Bleeding has been like a light period. I've been getting waves of excruciating pain mostly felt in my rectum and bowel and you can visibly see my lower left abdomen contrcting.
Last Thursday I had another ultrasound and the mass has grown to 3.5cm and within it a yolk sac can be seen. There is no free fluid. I was given a second dose of chemo. Due to me being in such severe pain I had to be admitted over night. The pain settled down and when I arrived home I felt wind/bowel pain and was passing blood streaked mucus from the bowel, which is not unusual for me. Then the pain became even worse. I'm unable to have a bowel movement. I have been on volteron and co-codamol and this just keeps the pain at bay, but when the painkillers begin to wear-off, I'm rolling around in agony! I'm convinced that most of my pain is caused my my bowel, probably from adhesions and aggravating the ectopic? My consultant says that it is just bruising and the mass is a hemotoma which will eventually disperse. He said if I get any shooting or shoulder pain then I must go straight in. My last HCG was 2000 and I'm having another test in the morning.
The pain this moring was a little different and when I pee it feels like my bladder is being torn.
I would be truly grafeful for any advise,
Kind regards, Karen