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Thread: Big Huge Brag.....verry proud mommy....

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    Default Big Huge Brag.....verry proud mommy....

    We got a call from Morgan's teacher yesterday afternoon to let us know that she was getting an academic achievement award today. She got an award for Academic Improvement, which requires improving your grades by at least two letter grades in 2 of 4 academic subjects.

    Of course this is b/c her IEP was not in place for the first 9 weeks when she nearly failed 4th grade, but she came up during the next term to all As & Bs and held those grades for the rest of the year. She could have been on the A/B honor roll if they had implemented her IEP at the beginning of the year.

    Next year here we come!

    Morgan (10) ASD/ ADHD

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    Default That is great

    What a huge improvement.
    Way to go Morgan and Mom!

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    Default That's AWESOME

    Clearly you're proud, but she must be so proud of herself too!

    Big (((Hugs))) from the other M&M family!

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