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    I am interested in getting the immune testing done. My pcp just recently put me on low dose prednisone for suspected MCTD or possible lupus. Would being on this medication affect testing results? Should I stop meds prior to testing...if so, for how long? Thanks in advance.

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    You could have your immunologic tests done while taking your medicine to see what the results are while being treated. If you stop your medicine you should be retested at that time. Dr. Coulam

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    I wanted to post this message on this Immune board for a while now. I have had 7 miscarriages and was told I would never have a baby without IVIG by top doctors. I had countless tests and countless procedures..... I chose not to do IVIG due to the risks and costs. Instead I went out on disability from my job for the first trimester of my pregnancy as soon as I got the postive pregnancy. It worked I have a beautiful healthy baby girl who is now 2 years old.... They don't tell you that NK cells are elevated and activated by STRESS. If you have alot of stress on your job and can take disability for the first trimester I would recommend it to everyone with NK cell issues. I since just miscarried twins (naturally conceived twins) because stupid me I stayed on the job during this pregnancy. I plan on getting pregnant again in June and I am staying home as soon as I get the positive pregnancy results. I hope this note can help someone else . It was the only thing that has helped me and I've lost alot of pregnancy was IVF to put more embryos in at once. That didn't help my core issue of the NK cells and stress. Good luck to everyone I wish you all the best !!!

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