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Thread: End of school year gift question...

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    Default End of school year gift question...

    Who do you buy for and what?? Gift certificates are good but how much? I don't want to come across too cheap but it will add up quick with all of these people.

    We have alot of people involved in DS's care at school..His main K teacher, 2 bus drivers, PT, SLP(2 different ones that share), OT, another students aide in his class that we love, Music, Gym and German a couple of girls that help him out from time to time at school. I would also like to get his SPED from last year something because she helped me so much this year with his IEP renewal. Approx 14 people!

    Any ideas? Someone mentioned some plants on another board but I can't imagine hauling them into school. It would be a PITA.

    Thanks for your help.


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    Default See May 24th post from Deeni1- It asks the same question.


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    Default Great!!

    Thank you!! I'll check it out

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