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Thread: How NOT to throw a birthday party.

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    Wow. That's unbelieveable.

    When my kids are invited to swim parties, my dh always stays to watch our child. It is very easy for a child to slip under water and not be seen for a few seconds if there are a lot of kids at the party. We always feel better to be safe than sorry.

    I can't believe that people would have a swim party and not even have lifeguards and I can't believe the parents would walk away. Crazy.

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    Default Wow! Attending

    swim parties are not an option for my DD as she has not learned to swim yet. She also knows she is not allowed to go with her friend to their lake cabin until she is a good swimmer. Unfortunately, knowing those things has not motivated her to try to swim.


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    that just makes me sick to my stomach...

    i've left my oldest at pool parties where they had no official life guard, but the mother assured me, and pointed out to me, the ratio of adults to kids - and the adults were all standing in different places around the pool watching the kids in the pool... so i'm hoping the supervision was carried out...

    but your story is just completely horrifying... how could she even CONTEMPLATE having a pool party under these circumstances? gak!

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