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Thread: Angellena (Angi) and others ? on Risperdal

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    Default Angellena (Angi) and others ? on Risperdal

    Angi - You had mentioned that Risperdal helped Ella for a long time. I was wondering if she was still taking it and if not why did she go off it?

    Today we met with my son's psych and she bumped up his dosage (adding .25 in the a.m. to the .5 at night). We've seen some improvement in the outbursts and overall happiness but it his perfectionism is higher and at home it's a little better but not like they are seeing at school. The doctor and I had a discussion about how the Risperdal can help some kids in explaining or expressing themselves due to the support of the anxiety etc. I think my DS knowledge and self awareness of his situation (ADHD, anxiety and almost PDD-NOS (didn't meet the criteria though therapist and psych think he is)) far exceeds his emotional abilities cope (he's almost 9 yo).

    I was concerned that by giving him more he would be faced with even more "ability" to express himself and understand what is going on yet no more emotional maturity to support that. He is seeing a therapist who specializes in twice exceptional kids and she has been working with him on helping see the positive side of his gifts and challenges. We were planning on discussing the PDD-NOS with him during the summer but now with the lack of dx not sure how we are going to phrase it. And progress in therapy goes so slowly.

    The psych and i then started to discuss the chemical nature of his anxiety and depression thus the need for mediciation. She did state that the "things" we are seeing (increase in perfectionism, less patience and continued self injurious talk) may not be able a result of adding Risperdal but just the ever changing nature of him. - sigh - One of his biggest worries is that the medicine won't work .

    Thanks for any input and sharing your experiences.


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    Medicating children is not easy. Risperdal helped my now 10.5 year old back when he was 8 for about 6 months than he began to have issues taking the medication. It helped Grant with irritability and anger.
    Currently Grant is on Abilify, Prozac and Vyvanse which his helped about 70% keep his OCD, Anxiety and Attention issues in line.

    I think a lot of what you describe with your ds is common as children age certain components of their "makeup" become more pronounced. That has been my experience with 2 boys on the Spectrum.

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    Hi Anne,
    Risperdal worked better than anything ever has. However, our daughter has a tolerance issue and she kept needing an increase - finally up to ? 3 or 4 mg daily at age 5....the doc said no more.

    She now takes abilify. it does not work as well but it helps. she also takes guanfacine and buspar. the guanfacine is for the adhd component and the buspar is for the anxiety. however, the rispderal worked on ALL of these issues by itself. It was amazing. If only it kept working.

    So, I think Risperdal is a fine drug and at that low of a dose i think you are doing ok. Even if you have to keep increasing it should have quite a while before you get too high of a dose.

    Or maybe you just need to have a good maintenance dose and you will not need to keep moving up.


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