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Thread: TTC at 41

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    Default TTC at 41

    I am almost 42 and TTC for the first time. I am wondering what my chances are. I understand that it may be more difficult. I saw a fertility doctor who told me at my age I needed an agressive approach and should do IVF right away. I have not had any blood work done yet. I don't think IVF is right for me and it is very expensive, so I am wondering what other options I may have. Are there any "first steps" I can try...based on my test results I would imagine. I am having an day 3 and day 10 FSH, porojesteron,polactin, ca125, and AMH test done soon. And my husband will be doing an SA.
    Also I am questioning whether I should still consult a fertility specialist ,who I believe is only interested in IVF, or if I should keep with a regular gynocologist.
    I am trying to gather up info so I can be more proactive with my next doctors appointment.

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    Hi cara, I was looking into some infertility articles til I bumped into this thread of yours. I still believe you ought to consult a fertility specialist, and tell him you're not interested in IVF. I'm sure there's a lot of options, a Childwiki article stated these treatments: causal therapy, ovulation inductors, artificial insemination, embryonic transfer.

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    Default It is a hard road

    Hi Cara,

    My husaband and I have been trying to get pregnant since I was 38. It has been a hard road. There is the IUI, where put the sperm closer to your cervix to assist in conception. That is roughly $600 and $300 for the sperm wash. I had 2 done at Kaiser and one by a fertility specialist. We have also done IVF and none resulted in a pregnancy. This all took place between 39 and 43. I did however conceive naturally 3 months after the IVF, but miscarried at 8wks.

    Everybody's body is different, but doctor's would say that egg quality starts declining at 35. Instead of e choosing to face more months of heartache, we are looking into an egg donor. They can be expensive, but there are websites where women are looking to help at reasonable costs.
    That way, you or she could carry your baby.

    Lastly, adoption is always another avenue. Two friends have told me that when you see your adoptive baby for the first time, you fall immediately in love. One's quote was, "There is no difference between my biological daughter and adoptive."

    I hope this has been helpful.



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