I am the chair of RESOLVE in Arizona and I wanted to let you all know about some very negative bills that are very close to passing in Arizona that would negatively affect infertility treatments in Arizona.

My hope is that if you are from Arizona, you would be willing to pick up the phone and call your Representative to voice your opposition to these bills. At the very least, send an email voicing your opposition.

These bills are unpresendented in the U.S. These laws will affect those who have already gone through treatment, those who are currently going through treatment and those who will go through treatment in the future.

  • SB1306 seeks to elimate research on donor oocytes (eggs) and add additional layers of consent (3 layers are already in place).
  • SB1307 seeks to eliminate a couple's choices with their unused frozen embryos. This bill would ban donation of embryos to research or disposing of unused embryos. That means if a couple chooses not to donate their embryos to another couple, they would have to freeze them indefinately. Surveys show that most couples do not chose to donate their surplus embryos to another couple.
  • Also in SB1307, embryologists would not be able to perform PGD testing or valuable research on even non-viable embryos in order to further the advancements of infertility treatments.
  • Breaking the law SB1307 would result in a FELONY.
For more information on how you can help please visit: RESOLVE