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Thread: "No Iep Needed" hahahahahaha!!!!!!!

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    Default "No Iep Needed" hahahahahaha!!!!!!!

    another update....

    To recap- we had to move our daughter out of the local school district because she was sexually assaulted by a boy in the sn classroom she was in.

    In order for the neighboring school district to take her - after 6 weeks of her OUT of K, because we would NEVER send her back to the bad school ---- we were advsed by a SN attorney to drop her IEP so the neighboring school district would let her in. We did, and they did. Now she is in an AWESOME school but of course is still having issues.
    Except, her 3 hours of K she holds it together. At the aftercare is where she attacked the teacher last week.
    So, the IRONY is that the school psych told me on the phone yesterday that Ella is doing fine academically and does "ok" socially so there is no basis for an IEP or a 504.

    I laughed when she told me this....and told her how ironic it is that the hillbilly school district was "in the process" of transferring her to the typical calssroom with supports but being LAME about it and now the big school district thinks she is "fine."

    I guess they will wait until she attacks a teacher or something next fall when she is there for the long day.

    She said she knows plenty of kids that hold it in all day and then go wild when they get home because they feel safe with their parents.

    One amazing thing that is helping is that the psych from the school got the K teacher to keep Ella in the K class for lunch. So far, since she is eating every day now the after care problems are gone and when we pick her up she is fine.

    Hypoglycemia/diabetes appt made for 1o days from now. If she eats MANY of her tantrums are gone. But, she is so oppositional and has no appetite!?

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    Yes very common for kiddos to hold it together and again a child can have a dx of Autism or ADHD or another dx and not qualify for an IEP or 504.

    Keep us updated. Glad the lunch in the classroom is helping with after school care.

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    My dd is 15. She's got an Aspergers dx and also anxiety and depression dx. She's smart and academically minded, and gets good grades. We've been trying for the last 8 years to get an IEP, and so far no luck. All the medical professionals that work with her tell us that she should be getting services under and IEP, but still, no go. I feel for you. It's a tough road. There's a ton of info coming out now on girls who are on the spectrum (and ones who have other LD's and special needs), and how they are underdiagnosed and underserved. It s*cks, but that's the reality right now.

    Manys the time I've thought that I should just stop doing the things I do at home to support dd's learning, let her get the grades she'd get withOUT my help, and then maybe she'd qualify for help. Stop doing the things I do to support her behavior and anxiety, stop intervening with her teachers and the school to explain and support her. Let them see the "real her" and then maybe they'd finally GET IT!! Probably not, but it's an interesting thought.


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    Default Exactly what we hear here

    No advice but in the same boat. Kindergarten teacher says she sees a problem, Child Study Team says he is "fine" and fine academically and socially so no IEP for DS. They just don't want to do their jobs.

    We are also waiting for it to all fall apart next year when he is there all day. It's just a matter of time...

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    I wonder if she takes any medicine that suppresses her appetite? Best of luck

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