So years ago i was told i had abnormal Paps... got the Cyrosurgery where they freeze the cervix and scrape the cells... after 1 more abnormal pap then a clear one i was releived to think i would be just fine.. Now i'm 25 years old married a year and thinking so much more into children and my future.. This past week I started Mentruating after going 2 months without but knowing i wasn't pregnany...Thursday night before midnight i started and everything was normal.... by saturday night i was feeling only a little weaker and un steady on my feet. I passed out and hit the floor from the standing position with about half a dozen people around me. Today i'm still bleeding but rather light and i feel good. I'm planning a visit to the doctor when i'm done bleeding but untill then any advice or words of wisdom to ease my mind.. Could something be wrong within me that my period is throwing me a signal?