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    Unhappy Hi there new to this

    Hello every one my name is elizabeth me and my fiance want to have another baby my first son was born 5 14 05 when he was born he was the perfect little baby u could have ever seen i decided that i was going to have my tubes tied because i had my son and that was all i ever wanted so i had my tubes tied. 14 months after my son was born i found out he had a rare nurological brain disorder called lissencephaly i was devistated but the news and the worst thing that a parent could hear is " you will be lucky if your don lives to see two years old" i was crushed at that point i started to regret my desison to get my tubes tied well it is now 5 years later and my son is doing well growing and developing he still has some problems but he has beat the odds. So now this is where i stand now me and my fiance want another baby but we just can have one it is sooo costly to go thru surgery to have my tubes reconnected and we cannot afford ivi or any of the other treatments we do not want to concider adoption or surragursy! is there any one out there that can point us in the right direction?

    thank you and god bless
    elizabeth degennaro

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    Hi Elizabeth,

    I'm sorry to hear about your difficult dilemma. Have you considered applying for a Heart Scholarship through INCIID?

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