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Thread: Parents - teach your kids some basics...

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    Default Parents - teach your kids some basics...

    Why is it that my kids can have some friends who are wonderful to have over at the house, and other friends that I can't wait until they leave?

    Does it irritate you to hear a kid whisper to your kid "ask your mom ...." "ask your mom ....". No. Ask me yourself! Don't lean in and whisper to my kid to ask me for a snack, and don't lean in to whisper if you don't like the offered snack.

    DD had a friend over yesterday that is just a delight. Today's friend has asked DD to ask me if she can sleepover. When I said no, she told DD to ask me again, and then ask me again. My kids know better than to do that, so DD didn't keep asking me. Then she asked my DD to go to the mall with her tomorrow, even though this wasn't yet a plan. The girl said, "Oh, my mom will take me if I ask" - then the girl almost got my 8yo DD to give her $5.00. I had to call my DD over and remind her that we don't give our money to other people in our house like that.

    In a way, I'm glad when these things happen so that after the friend leaves, I can use it as a big learning example to how I expect my children to behave at their friends' houses. But Parents, really - I do wish you would teach your kids some better manners. I don't think I'm expecting too much because the kids that are poorly behaved are in the minority.

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    Default Consequences

    I agree that this type of behavior is not all that common, thank goodness.

    However, there are natural consequences to this behavior. How often do you encourage your child to invite children like that over?

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    Carrie! (is this Carrie? LOL)
    Here is my opinion on this - because we do have one that used to do this. I have told ds NOT to give him money, toys etc. Or absolutely say "NO" to "trades" he does not feel comfortable with . I am always sneaking around listening when he is over. As for the snack thing - for some reason that one doesn't really bother me.
    What is funny is, the kid that does this has the STRICTEST mom I've ever met. My theory is these kids go to everyone else's house and try to eat and get what they can because they are never allowed anything at their house. I have not talked to her about this except a couple of times Christian has allowed him to take a prized possession home. Then I have called and done "the kids will be kids" speech, and please return Christian's toy.
    OTOH, I'm not sure if C does this at his friends' house. I imagine he might if he is hungry, just because he is kind of a shy dude with adults.
    The friend that has taken stuff etc. has gotten a whole lot better. I always believe in giving these kids another chance - usually I find it is a phase. I also do this with the hyperactive friends and some actually do act a lot better as they age. I have an ADHD son and it hurts me when parents shun him from their kids for life.
    These kids do get on my nerves though! DH and I always suggest the "good" kids come over, lol!


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