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Thread: 2 days of "not so bad" behavior and we moved today!!!

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    Default 2 days of "not so bad" behavior and we moved today!!!

    I figured Ella would be a worse mess over us moving....nope. Yesterday and today she has been only having short fits, and mostly they are half hearted.

    I guess we are probably just swinging into the good period.....we have had five weeks of the WORST ever and maybe it is just time for the mood change???

    Doc is removing the helped but did not stop the rages...definitely something that works great for attention for her though but right now, our focus is stop the rage.

    Next week we remove buspar. slowly. And increase Abilify....more mood stabilizer and LESS of everything else.

    The guanfacine is quite helpful and calms her a lot.....but MIGHT be making her depressed!?? So, that will be the last thing to wean slowly except the abilify...She is going to have to stay on a mood stabilizer. uNTIL SHE IS LIKE 100.

    We are working hard on our insurance to have her assessed at a local therapeutiuc day treatment center.

    And, we are sending her to the univerisity hospital to see an experienced child psych....120 miles from get a sort of 2nd opinion and etc.... We cannot let this kid suffer like this and we need answers.

    I kind of know the answer though but sure hate to admit it. She sure seems like she has childhood bipolar WITH adhd. argh. I have two new Childhood BP books coming in the mail from that should shed more light.
    (note, if you want similar books, check out if you have not already. (good deals on books, better than amazon even.)

    Anyway, i am goofy from moving all day but I thought of you guys on this list and wanted to tell you that my girl is a bit better right now.

    She went right to sleep in her new bedroom tonight...without any worry. She is not upset or anything over the move.

    I am though!! hehe So happy to have a nice and larger house but sad to leave our friends where we lived. We will make new ones though.

    Anyway, thanks for listening if you made it this far.


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    So glad the move went so well! I know the mixed feelings thing. But I know you will get settled in and make new friends!


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    Oh Angi I am so happy your move went well! I'm glad Ella's having a few btter days too....although I know that does nothing to ease your emotions (you're probably waiting for the other shoe to drop!). I hope the doctors can figure out a good working plan for Ella....I can't imagine the rollercoaster for her AND for you guys.

    I wish you a wonderful future in your new home....will keep you guys in my thoughts, as always, and hopefully the *not so bad* days continue


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    Phew! That is a relief, Angi; a move can knock *any* kid for a loop, so I understand why you were worried. I hope that this good period lingers for you, and that the med changes go smoothly! I think that a 2d opinion is a great idea; may as well have "all hands on deck" when there are no clear answers.

    Congrats on your new house! Yep, you will make new friends too, along with your girl!


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    Default Best wishes in your new home...

    Hi Angi -

    I am glad that your move went well. Moving is so very hectic. You are a wonderful mom. I hope that things continue to go well for your lovely girl.


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