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Thread: Need IVF Insurance in TN

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    Default Need IVF Insurance in TN

    I currently have insurance, but not for infertility. I had IVF 4 years ago, and had twins at 22 & 24 weeks. They did not survive. I am now emotionally ready to start the process again. My insurance 4 years ago in Michigan covered 70% of the treatment. I now live in Tennessee, and have no infertility coverage.

    I have read the threads re insurance companies that have known to provide coverage for infertility. However, those posts are not current. The link that has the list of insurers is from 2006.

    Does anyone have any current info on this? Also, any advise as how you would go about asking an insurance rep these questions. I have heard elsewhere that you have to tread lightly, because if they know you want the insurance for infertility, they may deny. Also, what reason would I give to get another insurance plan if I am already enrolled in one from work?

    please share your thought. Thanks.

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    Call your state insurance department to see what options are available. In addition, call the contact for your employer provided insurance and see what is covered. Even if your current insurance doesn't cover infertility treatment per se, it might cover drugs or diagnostic tests, so you will have some expenses covered. You can also try shared risk or payment over time options. There just aren't a lot of insurers who are going to have infertility coverage unless the state mandates it and Tennessee doesn't.

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    I suggest that you also look at your current insurance provider. Check and look to see if there IVF is specifically mentioned under the General Exclusions.

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