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    Default insurance in MD

    Hello Everybody,

    I wonder if anybody figured this out before. I live in MD, but my employer is in a different state. As a result, I got insurance that does not cover IVF (it explicitly states so) -Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee. However, recently I discovered that in MD, the law mandates that IVF is covered for EVERY person living and working in the state, regardless of where the employer is located. I wonder if it is possible to make my insurance company to pay for my IVF?

    In addition, the law states that a woman has to be fertilized with her spouse's sperm. Now, I am quite confused, since I am single. How does it apply in my case?


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    Hi librik, I think you just might have a case there but I am not an insurance expert. Have you talked to any fertility clinics yet? It seems like I have heard Shady Grove mentioned often but I don't know much about them. Maybe if you ask a fertility clinic they can shed some light on both of your questions because I'm sure they have come across these types of issues before. The clinic you choose might even be willing to go to bat with your insurance company. You could also check with the Maryland Insurance Administration for more information

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    Default I live in MD and had the same problem six years ago

    My dh's insurance was in Ohio and although the Maryland Mandate would cover it was an ERISA policy which is clearly excluded in the statute. I am an attorney and was devastated. I called the board of insurance examiners in Maryland in Baltimore and challenged the insurance. After an exhaustive amount of time I got the insurance to cover one cycle of IVF. BTW my twins turned five in March. The Maryland mandate is very restrictive, there has to be over a certain amount of employees, etc. Call Resolve and they may be able to help you more. Good luck.

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    You may want to ask Theresa Erickson (in the Experts Area) since she is an attorney.
    I believe that how this works varies from state to state as well as from company to company.

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