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    Default Another IEP question


    We have round three of our IEP scheduled for next Tuesday. We have finally decided on a preschool (out of district) and informed them of our selection. The preschool we decided on is on their "approval" list. The main problem I had with this school (and all others in our area) is that they dont offer discreet trial during the day. I asked our township to have someone come to our house after school and work with DS doing discreet trial.

    Here is what they came back with: 2-3 hours per week maximum. Was I crazy in thinking an hour and a half per day for a total of 7.5 per week???? Right now ds gets 2 hour sessions five days a week of discreet trial and 2 hours of OT and 8 hours of ABA with a teacher in our home through early intervention.

    Obviously I will work him up to a full day of school and then gradually add 1.5 hours of discreet trial slowly afterwards.

    What do I do if my district wont approve additional hours? DS will start preschool disabled July 5th and we neeed to have an IEP in place for that to happen. The child study team stops working for the summer next Friday so we need to have the IEP done by then. Do I sign an IEP saying that he is only getting 3 hours to get him into school or hold out and refuse to sign the IEP until it says 7.5 hours total per week? Nothing with the township has come without a fight so i fear trying to get the IEP changed at a later date. If I sign the IEP with the lower hours, then do i start the fight for additional services through due process etc?????

    By the way we are in New Jersey, camden county, Winslow School District if anyone is familiar with them.

    Thanks for any advice you can share with me. I feel like the walls are caving around me and i cant get out quick enough

    Gabriel 7/10/03
    Nathan and Benajmin 7/30/05 Benjamin just diag with gross motor delays and starting EI

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    Hi Alison - I don't know a lot about ABA specifically, but what I have been told repeatedly is to never EVER sign an IEP that you don't agree with.

    I have a friend in Gloucester County who is getting a similar volume of ABA through EI, but her son is a couple of months younger than yours, so I don't know if they have dealt with the issue with the school system yet - also, they live in a district that is fairly generous with services, so I am not sure how it would compare to Winslow.

    BTW, I also live in Camden County, but up closer to Cherry Hill. Also, my DD was also born on 7/10/03

    I hope some of the more knowledgeable people here will be able to give you more specific answers, but I just wanted to offer what little advice I could and say "hi".

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    Default Don't let their time schedule pressure you

    Write a letter saying what you request and why, and that you want to discuss it further. Get your current interventionists to write letters to support you. They can go ahead with the current placement until you come to agreement on the rest, but it's important to have your request in writing with rationale. We have found that often when we disagree in the meeting, we write a letter and then we get what we want. There's a great website, and their books are good too to help you understand how/when to fight. I like their books because they don't assume you are going to legal battle. They tell you what's legal and then they tell you how to go about getting it in a nice, relationship building way. Good luck

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