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    While I was lying awake last night thinking about doing donor egg yet again, a question came up that I didn't know the answer to...if you use a donor from an agency that's out of state, where does the donor do her cycling? If she does it where she lives, how do they get the embies to your RE? If she has to come to your clinic, I assume you'd have to pay all her expenses in addition to the fee right? food, travel, lodging? I ask b/c my clinic will use donors from outside agencies, and getting someone out of state is apealing to me b/c I don't want to live near the donor or any potential half siblings, but now I'm trying to figure out the logistics of it all and it seems really expensive to go with an out of state donor...just curious if anyone here has used an out of state donor...



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    Depends on the clinic and the donor. Sometimes it's possible for the donor to be monitored near her home and until the last few days before the trigger, and then do the transfer at the recipient's clinic, rest a few days and go home. So you would be responsible for the cost of her monitoring elsewhere, and her living and traveling expenses for that week or so. I talked to one clinic that had a very organized process with a single clinic in a nearby state so that it ended up not being more expensive for the recipient and the clinic arranged everything. But I don't think that's the norm.

    If the monitoring has to take place at your clinic, then in addition to travel and board, there might be additional expenses, like some clinics insist that the donor be accompanied, so you would be responsible for a companion's expenses as well.

    This is one reason why I didn't use an agency and used a local donor. I live in a transient place, and I would bet money the donor no longer lives in the area.

    You might also consider choosing a clinic in another state from you, so that you, not the donor, travels for the transfer while you do your own monitoring in your home state. There are several really reputable clinics that do this -- one is in Portland, Oregon (PCRM), another is in (I think) Denver (CCRM), in addition to the East Coast biggies (Cornell, NYU, and RMA), and all of the clinics in D.C., large and small. They all have their own pool of donors. That way, you will be responsible only for your own costs and your donor will not be local.


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