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Thread: OCD fear of weather

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    Default OCD fear of weather

    Sierra's pandas is rearing it's ugly head. It hopefully is what I hear them talking about after successful IVIG which is a "turning back the pages" with symptoms recurring for a while. She had her 3rd IVIG this past Friday.

    This one is not new to us, the fear of weather, but she is near hysteria over possible scattered thunderstorms tomorrow. I am worried I will not be able to get her out of the house tomorrow morning. I have never worried about that before.

    She and Savanna are in trip camp this week where they have a field trip every day. They are out all day so she is terrified that they will be stuck out somewhere with no shelter and a thunder storm or tornado will come. Tomorrow is canoeing on a lake. The camp has promised they will not go out if there is any fear of thunder storms. We have talked through every reasonable Mom thing I can think of to tell her and she is just beside herself. I can only hope she feels better in the morning. I don't feel confident that the counselors will be able to handle her as I would like if she becomes unreasonably hysterical tomorrow over the weather and if she is not handled correctly, it makes it so much worse.

    I know this is her OCD talking and from what I understand, sometimes you just have to take babysteps and maybe I can't get her to camp tomorrow. I am very worried since this could be the start of big issues that affect my ability to work. I have been worried about that for a while and thankful that her OCD has not progressed to that point. I pray for a healing sleep and either a clear day tomorrow or constant rain that will keep them at the center. Overcoming OCD can be a very slow process that takes it's own time that can't be rushed. Many of the pandas parents can't work any more. I am feeling afraid.

    Anyway, stressed so I am talking too much....

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    Default So hard

    Dd does this too. The one thing that helps us is to appeal to her scientific side, by showing her the radar, the weather alert system, reassuring her what emergency steps we would take if we were concerned etc. I know what you mean about being concerned the counselors won't be able to handle it. Dd went to the school nurse 3 x in an hour last year with ankle pain before I figured out that she was terrified to participate in a gym activity that day because she saw the waiver I signed that said "risks include injury or death."

    Interesting because dd had an episode with strep 2 years ago that the ER doc labeled ? Pandas, where she got very agitated and dizzy and felt like she was going to black out.

    Hope all goes well!

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    -so much is co-morbid but it sounds almost like panic attacks. Grant who is almost 11 went through similar thing about different topic last year around this time. He would feel shortness of breath and he would turn very pale when feeling the anxiety over his issue. In other words it manifested beyond his mind in how it affected him. Luckily with medication and therapy or just time he left that particular thing behind at least for now.

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