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Thread: Family link?

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    Default Family link?

    Hi Dr. Coulam-

    I used to come on here and ask you lot of questions but I have been off the board since the birth of my twins through a gestational surrogate (worked the 1st time!)

    I had 4 years of recurrent pregnancy loss (4 chemcials, 2 blighted ovums). I"ve gotten EXTENSIVE testing and only had endometriosis, MTHFR and PAI-1 found to be abnormal.

    Recently, my sister had a blighted ovum. She is 25 and this was her 1st and only pregnancy so far.

    I"m worried that she is going to follow in my same path. Have you ever heard about recurrent loss being hereditary?

    thank you for you time!

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    Yes, it can be heredity, but it would be more likely that she had the usual 15% risk of miscarriage. She should try again. If she miscarries a second time she should seek evaluation. Dr. Coulam

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