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Thread: 1st beta and good news...

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    Default 1st beta and good news...

    Hi all,
    Most of you know my story. My BF and I have been trying to conceive since late last November. We had a very early miscarriage in January. After that, we did three treatment cycles with the RE, followed by a hysteroscopy (they thought my tubes were closed, but they weren't, however they found and removed a small septum). Then we did two natural cycles healing from the hysteroscopy and an injectible cycle in July. All negatives.

    I was taking off a cycle due to a large 40 mm cyst, and we were supposed to do IVF next, starting our meds next week, Our IVF class was scheduled for today. My period is due on Thursday, but I was feeling yucky all day yesterday and took a HPT on a whim after responding to the IF insanity post and OH MY GOSH, it was positive. So, of course, I took three more and a digital one. Haha. All positive! So, I cancelled the IVF class and scheduled blood work. Today I'm 12 dpo and my beta is 117, progesterone is over 40. I am in a state of shock, but absolutely thrilled.

    I'm a jumble of emotions right now, from shocked and excited to scared and nervous. I go back on Thursday for my next beta. I could REALLY use the power of INCIID prayers that this little bean sticks and results in a healthy pregnancy and baby! I'm almost 42, so the clock is ticking...

    Do any of you believe in fate or the power of positive thought? I absolutely "knew" in my heart I was going to get pregnant this month naturally because it completely mimicked what happened with Tanner. In January 1999, I had a very early miscarriage, followed by five unsuccessful IUI/injectible cycles. I had to take August off due to a cyst and did my IVF consult that month. I found out in early September that I was pregnant naturally. When I had Tanner I found renewed faith that everything happens for a reason, and "convinced" myself that the reason for the miscarriage was because Tanner was supposed to be with me. So, this past January when I had a miscarriage, I held onto the same belief that there was another pregnancy that was supposed to happen in that time. I know it's probably goofy, but this whole past month, I kept believing that this was the month it was going to happen because it was the same exact circumstances...and I can't believe it did. I guess I only work well under pressure.

    Thanks for listening to my ramblings, and thanks in advance for any prayers or positive thoughts! If anyone can help me through this and make it happen, you guys can!

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    Just wanted to wish you good luck!!!

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    congrats and good luck! I'll be thinking of you!!

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    Default OMG Val!! BEST wishes coming your way

    So excited for you. Wow wow wow.

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    Default OMG Val, I'm SO SO HAPPY for you!!!!!!!!!!! (m)

    I can't tell you how happy this post made me!! I've been smiling from ear to ear since I read your post....holy cow, this is just so amazing, and what a miracle!!! And, yes, I truly believe in fate, miracles and positive awesome for your family.

    I will keep you and your little bean in my prayers, for both a great looking beta on Thurs as well as a happy and healthy next 9 months. I can completely understand the shock, just enjoy it and take every moment as a blessing that was meant to be. You are so blessed, what a miracle!


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    CONGRATULATIONS and "Gorilla Glue"-type sticky vibes, Val! Praying for you!

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    Default WOW I could REALLY use some good news today

    I was afraid this was an old post coming back to surface because I was reading the HPT insanity post and thought you said you were on day 15 of your cycle but maybe I mis-read? You know after all of our years of IF, I got pg naturally after I finally had a lap and they cleaned me out from having some endo that I didnt know that I had. I know you have waited long and hard for this so good luck my friend.

    I really really needed to hear this today, brings a good smile to my face. Yahoo! Now I have to figure out how to keep tabs on you, dont have the beta board saved anymore.... or the pg boards... do they exist anymore?

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    Default Fantastic news!

    So happy for you and wishing you super sticky vibes and a H&H 9 mos!

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    Default So excited!

    Sending sticky vibes.

    And yes, I absolutely believe that things happen the way they are suppose to.

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    Default Congrats!!! nt


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