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Thread: clinic uses only local donors-help

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    Default clinic uses only local donors-help

    i inquired about donor eggs and the nurse at my clinic say they only use their own pool. i went through there limited pool and could not find anyone that remotely looked like me.

    if i used someoen from asn outside agency could i jsut tell my clinic that i know soemone personally or o i have to disclose that the woman is from the agncy-in other words does the clinic have to know all the finiancial arrangements that would have to be made. new to this-thanks

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    Depending on the agency, the agency might insist on communicating with the clinic. I don't know. I am sorry about your local clinic, but I would explore clinics in other cities with larger pools. If you are on the east coast, try NY and DC. If you are on the West Coast, try CCRM and PCRM. I personally think there is a big advantage to using a clinic program, to cut down on cost, time and hassle factor.

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