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Thread: donor egg/insurance questions

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    Default donor egg/insurance questions

    does anyone know cpt codes ( i think thye have 5 digits) related to donor egg, donor egg retrieval, donor medical costs

    also does anyone know in genral what insurance plans are likely to cover example-will they cover psychological tests etc.

    I want to see upfront how much my insurance plan will cover. Thanks

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    What state do you live in? There are very few states that cover anything related to IF generally, and even fewer that cover anything for DE -- and almost none that cover the medical screening of a prospective donor.

    Illinois is the only state I am aware of that covers the retrieval and U/S costs for the donor. Massachusetts might have some coverage.

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    Default how to code for donor ivf

    There are procedure codes and then you need to add cpt codes for donor.

    You can use procedure code 58970 - retrieval.
    Then add donor code V59.71 (this means annomyous donor, under 35).

    There are codes for over 35 or known donors (google cpt codes for donor ooctye and you'll find them).

    I assume you're trying to find out from your insurance if it's covered, so if they cover the largest cost (retrieval) then you can assume it's all covered.

    Good luck!

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