Dr Fisch,

I am 50 and going for baby #2. I had my first baby two years ago with a flawless FET cycle using lupron and estrace.

After giving birth, I developed thyroditis and am now my thyroid is reasonably controlled using armour thyroid. I have been cancelled twice now due to weird symptoms including a growing follicle both months and the detailed description of the last cycle is here:

I started lupron on 10/4 on cd1 which should suppress ovaries from creating a follicle. I was also on estrace to help build uterine lining. However, on cycle day 14, or 10/17 I started another full period. I continued to take 2 mg estrace 3xday until the follow up ultrasound 10/21 (yesterday). I did not have a baseline ultrasound on either cycle.

The ultrasound showed one large follicle measuring 27 - which means it should imminently ovulate as anything > 20 should be mature enough to ovulate. The ultrasound tech was not sure if this was a new follicle or one left over from last month. The uterine lining measured 6.7 & "thin" showing my recent period. The blood work I had done yesterday showed:

Estradiol 2706.2 - which I think is great and shows the estrace supplement in addition to the follicle.

FSH 2.0
Progesterone 0.7

LH of 0.3 - this concerns me as the follicle is ready to go but with no LH, I don't know how it will. I thought that rising LH is what causes the follicle to complete maturing and burst.

In the past I have ovulated over protocols where I was just using estrace.

My questions:

why would a full period start when estrace is high and lh was used?
My RE wants me to try a natural cycle next time but I'm concerned my cycles are getting unpredictable. I am not sure if this is due to thyroid or age or something else?

my last day 3 FSH was 8.
My current RE does not order baseline ultrasounds, so is it possible an un-ovulated follicle can hang on month after month? The month before I had a follicle measuring 20. I thought these follicles were supposed to reabsorb.

Are there any suggestions you might offer someone doing an FET that doesn't respond normally to the estrace/FET cycle?

Thank you,