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    I am considering IVF after a number of failed attempts w/ IUI to conceive #2, but have concerns about my miscarriage rate. I have had 4 miscarriages between ages 36 - 41 (incl 2 chemicals, 2 clinical); have had one live birth. My miscarriage rate from ages 36 41 is 80%. One miscarriage at 36, two at 38, one at 41. Live birth at 39. An allergist / immunolgist I consulted for possible bee stilng allergy suggested that I consult another RE for further recurrent loss testing. My question: Given my history (below), is further recurrent loss testing appropriate?

    My brief history:
    Clotting issues:
    1 borderline + test for ACL (Igm) ; next test - negative. Also tested for protein C (negative).
    Sister and two other family members with clotting issues. 1 also w/ recurrent loss. Two with infertility.


    • Subchorionic hematoma in 2 pregnancies (1 clinical miscarriage, 1 full-term)
    • Infertility (mid 30s) due to low progesterone / luteal phase defect/ "ovulatory disfunction". 1 spontaneous pregnancy (Chem). Conceived multiple times with fsh / IUI. Before 40, excellent response to meds. Currently (nearing 42) using 3 vials, getting 1 5 follicles. Day 3 labs normal. AFC currently averages 3 9.


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    With your history of miscarrriages with subchorionic bleeds, it would be worthwhile to evaluate you for both immunologic and thrombophilic risk factors. For more information about the tests included in the Recurrent Pregnancy Loss and Thrombophilic panels, you may visit the information on Recurrent Pregnancy Loss on this website or visit the website of Fertility and Cryogenis Laboratory at and click ion Services. Dr. Coulam

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