I have a Spiegalian hernia in my right groin. It doesn't bother me at all, except when I run (road running). I am 1m68 and weigh 60 kg, which makes me normal weight for my height.

I will be transferring my frozen embryos for my first pregnancy at the age of 43, probably 1, possibly 2 embryos. I worry about the pressure growing babies may exert on the hernia. The hernia's height is in the same line as my pubiic hairline.

1) Should I have a laparoscopic operation to repair the hernia BEFORE I transfer? If so, how long to recover before I put the embryos in?

2) I would prefer to have the repair AT THE SAME TIME OF DELIVERY which I plan to have by Caesarian Section. Would it be fine to go through a pregnancy with this type of hernia?