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Thread: How was Father's Day at your house?

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    Default How was Father's Day at your house?

    We had Dad back in the house! He arrived on June 14 after driving 4,400 miles. It is so good to have the family back together. Keagan is doing well - daily PT continues on - still free of pin infections! Will get rads taken Friday and sent back to Baltimore - our first "peak" on how well the 6cm of new bone is ossifying - and our first clue into when the fixator can be removed. Right now we are looking at surgery in late August - early Sept. They may combine this with a knee procedure as his patella is tracking off to the side. So far so good!


    Hope you had great Father's Days too.

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    Default Pretty quiet for us....

    we were just settling in after returning from our 2-week vacation. Dd stayed at the beach with MIL/SIL, so we only have ds for 2-3 weeks now. Nice to split it up a bit.

    Glad you have everyone back with you.


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