This is a question for the docs, I'm scratching my head as to whether I have PCOS or not.

My history
1)regular ovulation, though long cycles (34 days)
2)I'm thin, history of diabetes in family, but I'm insulin sensitive (low levels of hormone, normal blood sugar)
3) Polycystic ovaries on ultrasound (around 17+ follicles per each ovary)
4) DHEAS elevated-251
5) Testosterone tested twice
first-17 ng/ml
second 83 ng/ml
6) most confounding- AMH is low (1.1 ng/ml- reference range for testing lab is 1.23-8 ng/ml)
7)low Vitamin D3 (16 ng/ml)

Do I have PCOS?? I've conceived twice, pregnancy has ended in losses (first normal karyotype, second turners XO)

I cannot decide if I have low ovarian reserve (based on the lowish AMH) or PCOS. Nothing is adding up, but one thing seems likely- I have bad egg quality, we just have to figure out what the cause is.