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Thread: Lord help me with the holidays and dd!!

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    Default Lord help me with the holidays and dd!!

    Dd is in a BAD place emotionally. Too much stress, we're all home together (not a good thing with both dd and ds being emotionally unstable right now), Christmas and her b'day coming up.

    She woke up this morning to discover that, yes, mommy was correct. When you eat in your room and leave the trash in there (eww), you WILL have bugs. We've been over this time and time again. She's a hoarder, and doesn't clean anything up, and steals food out of the cabinets constantly. There were ants everywhere (really, everywhere!!). Then she freaks out because my dh and I have to go in there and clean.

    Add to all that the rest of the week home, and then we're supposed to spend a week at the in-laws (who don't understand dd's Aspergers, never have, and think she's just a spoiled brat and I'm a bad parent).

    So, I don't have my shopping done, don't feel motivated to do ANYTHING for ANYONE at this point, and now I've got dd with raging paranoia and dh with major depression and physical problems that he refuses to get help for, and ds who wants to be entertained constantly, and all I really want to do is leave.

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    Goodness-you are in a tough place. I wish I could say something profound. But honestly just getting through everyday somewhat unscathed might be a good objective in your case.

    It is so tough when family and/or friends do not get our kiddo's disabilities.

    I hope that 2011 brings a turn to more answers and help for you and both your children and family.

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    Here's to hoping that time flies and school starts back up soon.

    Today I found myself thinking...geeesh, it must be half over....(the vacation) but no...omg.

    Sending hugs!


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    Default All I can do is offer some support

    (virtual at that). I sometimes think "family time" is over rated. Any way to to shorten the visit with the in-laws or make it better for you (send DD and DH)?
    Hope something changes for you.


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