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    Hello, everyone. My name is Gloria and I wanted to see if anyone could give me any advice about what direction to take next. I have always had hit or miss periods. I have always been overweight and and it was always attributed to that. I have one ovary and tube because the other was removed due to a benign growth in 2004. In 2007, a cyst was on my other ovary and it was removed leaving some scar tissue but most of my ovary. At that point I was pretty much told that I do not ovulate. My doctor has induced periods with medication but that is the only way I have one. I have been tested and my remained tube is open but I also have PCOS. Well, my fiance and I saw an infertilty doctor who wanted to give me Follistim but I would not afford it. We are saving up for that now. Last week, I spotted just a little. I was so excited but it ended just as quick as it began. I just wanted to know what I should do next? Does anyone think the follistim will work or should we just save for IVF?
    Thanks for your help.

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    You should undergo a full evaluation to determine your ovarian reserve. If you have scar tissue around your remaining tube, then that may adversely affect your fertility. Have you been tested for insulin resistance?

    Being overweight can make it harder to conceive, increase the risk of miscarriage, and may increase the risk of complications for you and your possible baby during pregnancy. Weight loss, if possible, may be helpful!

    What did your husband's sperm testing show?

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