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Thread: We have had jacob off all meds for 2 full days

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    Default We have had jacob off all meds for 2 full days

    now. Not a success. It started out as an accident. We were out Friday night and I forgot his 4 pm Intuniv. Then we forgot his morning Vyvanse and Intuniv. After we decided to go another day to see what he is like. He is so fidgety, implusive, mouth runs complusively. He did things that you could tell he didn't realize he was doing even after it being pointed out to him.

    I asked him how he was feeling during the outing and he said he was hot. He was very flushed so I took his temp when we got home but it was normal. I was with him this morning with my other 2 not super successfully. It ended with him peeing on his brother in a public bathroom. But he did his punishment (extended time in his room away from others) without complaint and rested up there. He was better with the fighting and aggression after that.

    Dh wants to go one more morning without his meds. He is going to take the boys out alone to see how they act with him in public when Jacob is off meds. I am sure they are going to be perfect but we will see.

    We are then going to just try giving him the Intuniv without the Vyvanse to see how it is. He was taking the Vyvanse when we started the Intuniv so it will be interesting to see what happens.

    I am pretty sure he knows he wasn't right As much as I hate to inflict this on him I think in the long run it helps everyone including himself know that these really are needed for him. And maybe he does just need the Intuniv.

    We will find out soon enough. I'll keep you posted.

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    Default How long does it take for the Intuniv

    to be out of his system? Curious because we are going to clean out DS system this summer. When we switched from tenex to intuniv he was a mess (so bad he was asking for his meds). Worse coming off of the tenex than he was before even having any in him at all.

    Good luck, I know it's not easy.

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    It sounds a lot like what we see when dd "forgets" her meds for a day or 3. I know most of the psych meds have to be tapered off to avoid major tantrums and emotional side effects. Hope your dh learns a thing or two in his excursion.

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    Default Good luck! I have no experience with this, but

    I think that it is important to re-evaluate treatments. Kids grow/change and what they need changes. I know that I constantly evaluate what we are doing.

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