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Thread: Can PCOS resolve itself?

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    Default Can PCOS resolve itself?

    When I was younger, several docs mentioned I had PCOS (menstruated 1-2/year and had severe acne, but I'm not overweight and thyroid levels are normal), I went on BCP to resolve those issues. Now that I'm TTC my menstrual cycle has been regular and I appear to be ovulating on a regular basis... I mentioned PCOS and my RE said absolutely not b/c there were no cysts on my ovary.... So my question is can PCOS resolve itself with age or is it possible it only affects one ovary? (I had an ovary removed when I was 33 due to a dermoid)

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    Women may have irregular ovulations, such as occurs with PCOS. These irregular ovulations can have many different causes, but the same end results--the hormonal changes we see and call PCOS. Sometimes the cause of the irregualr ovulation changes, and the cycles become more regular. This is often the case with body weight. Beneficial changes in body weight often allow normal periods to occur, and the opposite is also true.

    It is also true however that the hormonal changes that occur as part of the reproductive axis can "mature" over time, with irregular menses begin more common as a teen, and more normal menses occurring as an adult.

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