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Thread: dont know what else to do

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    Default dont know what else to do

    hello my name is Veneisha and I have been trying to concieve after my first miscarriage in '06. I finally found someone I want to share my life with again and we both dont have any children I have done test and they show that I am able to get pregnant however I dont know what is wrong or what to do. I am thinking about seeking infertility treatments but they are really expensive I am seeking other options as well any advice will be great I just cant wait to see that positive pregnancy sign again. I am now 30 I dont want to wait any longer

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    Hi Veneisha, welcome to INCIID! I am sorry to hear about your loss. Two things I wanted to mention, I hope will help. The first is that some fertility clinics provide a free consultation, if you haven't done so already. I'm not sure where you live but Sher Institute ( ) has many locations throughout the US and they offer free consultations. The second thing I want to mention is INCIID's heart scholarship program, have you applied?

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