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Thread: Ready to wean my 20 month old- any advice welcome!

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    Default Ready to wean my 20 month old- any advice welcome!

    This is bittersweet for me. My baby girl is nearing 21 months and I am ready to give up breastfeeding- although she is not. A little history- with both of my kids- the first 7-9 weeks of breastfeeding were awful for me. Tears from me at every latch- but I stuck it out. Once I got past the painful latches- and we both actually enjoyed every moment of breastfeeding- I maintained that I deserved this time with her. No one in my family supports me breastfeeding this long. Especially my mom (who didn't breastfeed any of her 4 kids). When she would ask when I was going to stop- I'd say "Mom- I promise I'll be done before she turns 3 years old." I'd say this just to tweak her.

    Nearly 21 months later- my supply is down to next to nothing and she is basically using me as a pacifier at bedtimes. Today I noticed that one side was especially painful. That's when I noticed it was bleeding. Well- I guess that's a sign that now is the time to quit. I had read somewhere about rubbing lemon slice on breasts and telling telling her that my milk is sour. yah... that didn't work. She smacked her lips a couple times looked up at me- "Does that taste yucky?" She nodded her head several times- then went right back at it.

    Any other advice other than me disappearing for a week & letting Dad tough it out with her? Today I only nursed at naptime and bedtime & she has easily accepted that she can only nurse on the one side.

    Thanks in advance for any help!
    Sonia & Lindsey (almost 21 months)

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    Im nursing baby#3 now (she's 13m) and I dont know when she'll wean. But Im already sad over it!

    With DS (nearly 11), he weaned himself.. I would say "oh not now" and have DH distract him and that eventually led to him weaning. He was about 18m. With DD#1 (now 9), I had to wean due to pneumonia (she was 14m and was upset- I had DH deal with nighttimes til she adjusted).

    I think what Id do is wear clothes that arent easy to nurse in and find a way to be too busy to nurse at naptime. Take that nursing away and then work on bedtime. Is your DH on board with helping? If so, then slowly start having him manage bedtimes so that you can eventually walk away to avoid nursing. I'd also change up the bedtime routine so that nursing isnt included. This should lead her to wean.

    Good luck- its such an emotional thing but when you are ready, you are ready- I hope she takes it well!

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    Default Barge. IF ment

    My children are 7 and 10. I weaned the 10 yo before I started the Lupron for DS's FET. DD was 2 yo. She had weaned down to morning and night. I probably would have let her go a long time that way, but I didn't want any of those nasty IF drugs in her body through my milk. I started talking about her being a big girl and the last time she would get "mama milk." She wasn't happy about it, but got over it in about a week.

    DS had multiple allergies, so we BF for a long time. When he was 31 months, my mammogram showed some suspicious spots, and I needed a biopsy. I told him that he couldn't nurse on that one side, not realizing that they would bind me up. So, I had to deal with his not really understanding why I was changing what I said while I wasn't feeling too well. I let him sit on my lap and sip a warm something. I don't remember - probably rice milk, as dairy was one of his allergies.

    I showed him my "boo-boo," which didn't make him happy, but it was physical proof. He asked on and off for about 6 months. I just told him that it was all gone now.

    The hardest part is to keep saying no. You just have to stick to your guns.

    Congratulations on a job well done. You have given your DD a true gift.


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    No advice really as both my big boys kinda weaned themselves around 15 months and this time I'm just pumping (as you know ), but wanted to pop in and say that I hope you and Lindsey can come to a conclusion where you're both happy. Mucho .

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    Default I know from experience this can be an (m)

    emotional, bittersweet time. When I weaned my youngest (currently 5 but I weaned her at 3), I was only nursing her at bedtime and really producing very little milk. I would just "find" things to do at her bedtime and have dh put her to bed with a cup of warm milk. This helped tremendously...Good luck and good job giving your daughter this wonderful start to her life!


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