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    Default Yahoo!!!!

    8 years ago, I got the first diagnosis for my dd (pdd-nos). I brought it to the school district, not knowing what to ask for or anything of the process. They ignored it and refused to do anything ("she's too smart for special ed").

    For the past 8 years I've repeatedly asked, begged, educatated them about Aspergers, asked again, shared outside testing, pointed out areas where she desperately needed help, etc. Nothing.

    A year ago, a speech teacher tested her, but only on standardized assessments. I could tell she didn't want to help my dd. I was right. She said that dd didn't qualify for help with pragmatic language (social skills) because her vocabulary and artic were too high (classic Aspergers). One does not rule out the other, but this lady wasn't interested in my kid, so wouldn't listen.

    FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY today, they agreed to do a full assessment to qualify her as "autistic-like" and "other health impaired" due to her crippling anxiety and social skills deficits. They will test her to qualify for speech, social skills, OT, and to get assisstive technology!

    Now, to pray that she qualifies for the maximum, and that they are able to look beyond the fact that she's a super smarty to see that she REALLY REALLY needs some help!!!!


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    Absolutely wonderful news.

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    Under IDEA a child can be twice exceptional. Grades are NOT supposed to matter nor are high scores on standarized testing.

    I know you are happy-I am crossing my fingers that the school will find that her disability impacts her in the school setting. Just know that having a medical dx even from several well respected Drs,etc does not automatically = IEP.

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    Congrats! And good for your for having the stamina to go the long haul with the fight!

    Hoping they'll put in place a program to help your daughter!! Many happy hugs!! N

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