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Thread: allergy to spices?

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    Default allergy to spices?

    Has anyone dealt with this. My neighbor is getting reactions to something she is eating but can't figure out what it is. She thinks she has narrowed it down to spices but no idea which ones.

    Thoughts? Guidance?

    I gave her the info for Great Plains labs but thought there might be something else useful.


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    Default I had this happen a few years back

    I used to get a weekly muffin from a bagel store. One day, I started feeling like there were pins in my mouth...but not my throat. Some times it was fine, sometimes not. It eventually went away.

    When we go for Japanese sometimes DS's face gets blotchy from something they cook with, but it goes away in an hour and he seems unfazed.

    I think you have to determine intolerance vs. allergy, first.

    Good luck to your neighbor.

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