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Thread: Well now that he is no longer sick, I can say

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    Default Well now that he is no longer sick, I can say

    that jacob is responding really well to the upped dose of Vyvanse. He takes 20 mg now in the morning with 2 mg of Intuniv as a claritin. At 4 pm he takes another 1 mg of Intuniv with a protein snack. Then at dinner he takes 2 mg of melatonin with 1 vitamin D.

    Seems like a lot but he is healthy enough for a long enough stretch to know this must be what his body needs right now.

    End of dinner through bedtime is still a challenge but if I can limit it to that amount of time, I'm happy.

    He also had an evaluation with the speech and language teacher. Don't know the results yet. There is such huge discrepancy between his oral language testing and all other testing areas. Not sure when we will have a meeting about it. He was sick for a week in the testing window so I'm not sure what that does to time lines.

    I also submitted my parent referral for the GT program. Reuben, his twin, automatically qualified for the next stage but Jacob didn't. I met with the GT teacher and she thought I should submit the referral. Won't know aobut that until May.

    Sorry I've been MIA. I started subbing a lot more often and that is taking up my time.


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    Default So happy to hear this, Karen

    [I'm glad you found a balance that seems to be working for him. That's always a relief.

    I was wondering where you've been (not that I've been around) I didn't realize you were subbing.

    Glad things are going well.

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