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Thread: 6 mos update on dd -- good news

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    That is a great update. I agree with the crowd, we really did need a good update.

    She *is* beautiful - and, it's a nice pic of you, too! I also agree that 8 is a tough age. I remember (when my daughter was younger and my friends' kids were all turning 8) thinking, "what the heck is it with 8 year olds?" They start experimenting with sarcasm, they start having this smugness and awareness that makes them get a wee bit snotty from time to time. That said, I LOVE EIGHT YEAR OLDS - but, fully acknowledge that it is, typically, one of those rough ages to get through.

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    I'm so happy to hear that your daughter is doing well. I remember the posts very well and it's great that things are okay. Your daughter is beautiful!

    Thanks for the update!

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    Default Thanks everyone

    Sue, DD is a swimmer. She's a bit too self conscious to be a dancer. However, she is just starting to get more confidence and break out if her shell a little, so who knows?

    p.s. she likes to cut her own bangs, so that's why they look so raggedy. Thankfully she took it upon herself to trim them a little the other day. They aren't perfect, but a little neater looking now!

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