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Thread: Small Gestational Sac at 6 weeks

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    Default Small Gestational Sac at 6 weeks

    Dear Dr. Greene

    I found this site and your forum after a google search about small gestational sac at 6 weeks. I am 31 years old and this is my first pregnancy. I have the same natural worries as any pregnant woman however despite doing several home pregnancy tests and having this confirmed by my own doctor I still coudn't believe it was true until I had a scan (ultrasound). Apart from swollen breasts and feeling tired and more hungry than usual I didn't have any other symptoms such as morning sickness etc.

    I have irregular periods and am pretty sure I have a 35 day cycle. Although I should be just over 8 weeks pregnant I think I am actually around 7 weeks. I had some tummy cramps and light bleeding at the weekend (more like pinkish blood in discharge) which panicked me. I went to hospital and they said it was due to thrush and not a miscarriage. They also did various blood tests and found I was severely anaemic so gave ne 200mg iron tablets to take twice per day. The following day I was asked to come back for an early scan 2 days later (yesterday) as they knew I was anxious and also as hCG levels were quite low (they said they were not overly concerned with this as they were aware I had irregular periods)

    I had the early internal scan yesterday morning and have been stressing out ever since The sonographer said although she could see baby and heartbeat the sac looked too small. She said baby was 6 weeks+2 and sac was only 5 weeks. She said although she had no statistics it usually ends badly. I have got myself into such a terrible state and it is worse now that I have seen tiny hearbeat and desperately want everything to be ok.

    To give you further information :

    gestational sac size 9mm x 7mm x 8mm
    gestational sac (mean) 8.0mm
    gestational sac volume 0.3mls
    CRL 5.9mm

    'visually there is a discrepency between the size of the gestation sac which is equivalent to appox 5 weeks and the size of the fetal pole which is equivalent to 6 weeks +2 days and appears to almost fill the sac? significance

    uterus appears bicornuate with a decidual reaction to the right measuring 13.6 mmand the gestation sac to the left.

    suggest rescan 7-10days.'

    Dr. Greene I am trying to stay positive but so terrified to having a miscarriage. I know that nobody can make promises or give false hope but I am curious about the chances of what may happen next. I am taking my vitamins, iron and eating and resting as well as possible.

    Thank you so much for reading.
    Many Thanks

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    I miscarried at the weekend. Not sure it it was related to small sac size but my heart is breaking

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    I just wanted to say thay I am so very sorry for your loss...I know this comes a bit late. If you feel up to it, please come over to the Infertility Waiting Room forum to talk with others who are also going through struggles. Hugs to you...

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