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    Today , I had the opportunity to work with the longterm care unit at the local children's hospital. I photographed children who live in the hospital perm. and had the opportunity to meet thier parents as well. All of the children are equipment-dependent. All of the children had huge huge medical challenges. All of the children who when you really stopped and looked, you could see that they knew we were there- you just had to take a moment and watch. There is beauty in each of them, I had to learn to wait for it. I hope I captured some of that for them in my photos.

    One thing that stood out- though I didnt get to meet all of the family's, these were families just like all of us. So many were just like us- parents who want the best for thier children, who had no reason to think that thier child would be born with these types of challenges. Who love thier children and acknowledge thier limits while adoring them all the time. And who have to balance such extremes, especially those with other children- who were there with us today. It was a humbling experience...

    I've never spent much time with children so fragile that they cant be moved much, that struggle to breathe, that are dependent on machines. I photographed babies, children, teens... all with the fact in common that they need to live in a hospital. And who's parents do not get to be with them daily through thier struggles, parents who love thier children totally, parents who never imagined this could happen to them...

    It was a humbling exhausting day. And Im happy that I can give them a gift of one moment of happiness. Because these families deserve it- just as all of us do. And I was thanked over and over again, for letting them have lovely portraits of thier children as they really are- and maybe more importantly, a memory with thier entire family.

    Tonite, Im happy that my complicated children are healthy and home with me. And Im praying for my new friends at the hospital, that they have a calm night, filled with happy dreams.

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    Wow how sad and beautiful at the same time. Thanks for sharing

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    Thanks for sharing.

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    So sweet.
    That was what it was like for me being at Hopkins with dd.
    She was really sick, but we were all hopeful she would get
    better and she has. Many of the families we met had far
    more challenging situations. The day that really touched
    me was Halloween- all of us parents, pushing wheelchairs
    of costumed children with pumps, monitors, IVs, etc. It
    was amazing.

    Thanks for sharing.


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